Property Description

Accord Estates is happy and proud to be selling a historical property of great importance for Berlin’s history. Under monumental protection, Villa Erxleben in Douglasstraße 28 is located in one of the most exclusive and luxurious parts of Berlin, the calm and restful Grunewald area, offering an unique combination of authentic, tangible history and the highest requirements of modern living.

This unique property has been lavishly restored under strict conditions and in close cooperation with the local Historic Preservation Office. Thanks to innumerable hours of careful handwork by the best and most renowned specialists in the country, the villa finally shows itself in a totally fresh light and splendor, seamlessly continuing its long-standing exclusivity and elegance.

The country house in Douglasstraße 28 was built in 1907 by the Berlin architectural office Hart & Lesser for the banker Julius Erxleben and is considered one of the most exceptional and outstanding Berlin monuments of the early-twentieth century.

The very renowned atelier for architecture and construction founded around 1900 by Gustav Hart (1864-1929) and Alfred Lesser (1871-1915) had particularly long-lasting impact on the Berlin cityscape prior to World War I and had enriched the capital with several monumental and representative constructions which partly can still be admired today.

The especially great preference for ornamental design and elaborately decorated facades and entrance areas by architect Gustav Hart and builder Alfred Lesser is nowhere expressed as explicitly as it is in the Villa Erxleben with an adjacent building between Hundekehle- and Dianasee close to West Berlin`s centre.

The playful monumental plastered building combines historic elements of the renaissance, the baroque and rococo, as well as the back then contemporary art nouveau, characteristic for the turn of the century.

Numerous individual elements of the voluminous mansion like the loggias and balconies, stems and canopies and the hefty corner tower at the southern end culminate in a multifarious roofscape, a particular element of the architects. The abundance of windows with small glazing bars in various forms and proportions are also truly remarkable.

Henceforth, the villa freshly restored and updated to the most technical modern state offers 10 divine and prestigious top-class residential units for its new inhabitants. In consideration of the individual requirements of the future owners, all features and functions of the respective kitchens and bathrooms are to be deliberately realized in custom-made production.

We wish you a warm welcome in your new home: the villa Erxleben in Berlin-Grunewald!